Why Give

Why Give

Buckingham was founded forty years ago by a group of free-thinkers and philanthropists. The University’s motto – ‘flying on its own wings’ (Alis volans propriis) – describes the ethos of Buckingham perfectly. It is the most exciting and progressive campus community: free-thinking, lively, supportive with a diverse and international student body.

It is a not-for-profit and registered charity (number 114169). As Britain’s first independent university, Buckingham was inspired by the model of the independent liberal arts colleges of America. Like them its teaching is stellar and a commitment to the quality of student experience is paramount. Each of these examples was created with major endowment. An uncompromising commitment to quality comes at a cost. Buckingham runs without subsidy from government. The University relies on the generosity of people like you; its friends and Alumni and all of those who share a conviction that great things can be achieved by the small and independent university.

Together let’s gather the strength of our collective belief in self-determination and individual endeavour, build on our foundations and ensure we shine as a beacon of liberty, innovation and distinction.

Buckingham is living a family. Giving is part of the life of any family. Everyone can play a part.

There are many ways in which to support the University of Buckingham. Please consider making your gift today. Thank you!

To see the impact your gifts have made, download our Impact Report here.