“We will accommodate the growing number of students in the most distinctive and inspiring spaces”.

As a beacon of liberty, innovation and distinction, we need to provide the spaces for modern learning; accommodate the growing number of students who are interested in joining our community; and sustain world-class thinking. The new spaces that we will build will be designed for social learning and to promote and enhance the sense of community: open plan, light spaces and quad.

Plans include:

  • Buckingham Liberal Arts Centre
  • Law and the Franciscan Building
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Vinson Centre for Liberal Economics
  • Medical School and Translational Medical Research o London Centre
  • Mandarin Centre

Buckingham Liberal Arts Centre

Today’s employers want young people to ‘think more globally.’ We will produce a new cohort of graduates with unrivalled breadth and capacity for lateral thinking.

We aim to raise £10m to develop the Buckingham Liberal Arts Programme and Centre.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Centre

Enterprise is booming across the UK, with record levels of private sector businesses being recorded. The Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship will help students learn by doing, developing greater business innovation and expert-led, knowledge-intensive growth.

We aim to raise £5m for new facilities for expanding the activities of enterprise and entrepreneurship at Buckingham.

‘Buckingham offers us so many ways to widen people’s understanding of the values of liberty. My gift aims to widen the understanding of the freedoms that are the foundation of our society’ – Lord Vinson

Medical School and Translational Medical Research

We aim to raise a further £20m for the Medical School and translational medical research. British healthcare has inspired and led the world. In January 2015, we built on this great tradition and academic standards and opened the UK’s first independent medical school to a full cohort of students. It is already being seen as a trail blazer.

Funding the first independent Medical School, with freedom to design the curriculum, the freedom to select the best students and the freedom set a research agenda to respond to real-world concerns.

Technology Transfer Centre

“The spirit of “can do” and an appetite for new ideas and innovation that you will find in the City, also flows through the veins of the University of Buckingham”

We aim to raise £10m to create Tech City: a Technology Transfer Centre, which we enable the dynamic translation of academic insight and research into commercial products.

London Centre

We aim to raise £20m to develop the London centre as a home to the School of Government, The School of Advanced Studies and The London Programmes.

Mandarin Centre

We aim to raise £5m for a Mandarin Centre.

We are now enjoying a ‘golden era’ of trading and cultural relations and opportunities for UK businesses are many and varied.

The Mandarin Centre will offer undergraduate, postgraduate and executive courses that will prepare students for the opportunities offered by a new Anglo- and European – Chinese relationship.