Sports and Social

Sports and Social

To raise £30 million to provide improved facilities.

Better facilities are needed to support the expansion of numbers and to promote the full breadth of activity in a 21st Century university.

The priorities include:

  • Sports Facilities
    To raise £5 million for new facilities to transform Ford Meadow to Sports Meadow.

We will build the first-class sporting facilities that Buckingham students deserve.

The new facilities will include:
Sports Centre (providing sports hall, fitness centre, exercise studio and sports bar)
Professional size 4G football/rugby pitch
Outdoor multi-use games area for basketball, netball and tennis
Changing rooms
Spectator seating
Teaching room
Office space for up to 5 staff

  • Social Spaces
    To raise £3 million for the expansion of Tanlaw Mill.

The Tanlaw Mill has served the University’s needs brilliantly. It is at the heart of our campus, supporting the activities which supplement the academic excellence at Buckingham. We need raise £3m for the expansion of Tanlaw Mill, so that we can provide the space to support our growing University, where the space to create, innovate and join together is as fundamental as the education itself.

  • Cultural Centre
    To raise £7 million so that performance can co-exist with teaching and research.

The vibrant creativity of our campus life, which has always been an important part of life at the university, will be greatly strengthened by a permanent home.

The theatre and concert hall will be a place where visiting world-class players and performers could bring great enlightenment to both campus and surrounding community.

  • Student Accommodation
    To raise £5 million to build 350 ensuite rooms over the next five years.

With the expansion of student numbers and campus there is already a need for more student accommodation.

  • Library and Learning Centre
    To raise £10 million to provide new facilities that are needed to serve the needs of an expanding student community.

The new centre will enable students to gather in small social groups and learn together in the most conducive environment. Ideas flow freely between people when they are in an inspiring space with access to great resources and equipment. A good library and resource centre is at the heart of every

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